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At Animal Medical Supply, we pride ourselves on KNOWING what can help your furry friend. We are your best consultant when it comes to questions about medications, food and more. Some of our top products include:


Skin conditions are common, but you can't always be sure just what you are treating. That's where our expertise comes in. We are sure to recommend the best shampoo. We carry a great line of shampoos, especially those by Davis -- which are less expensive but just as effective. Ask us about the line of Davis products, or try Fresh 'n Clean, Everyday Fresh or I Heart Pet Head products.

Ear Cleaning & Care

Dogs and cats often have ear problems, from mites to yeast infections. We can help you figure out what to do and we have a good line of products including Carney Care and TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush.


Just like us, our pets sometimes need supplements. We sell Hi-Vite Drops, Tomlyn high-calorie nutrition gel for puppies and Viralys — all good ways to give your pet additional nutrition and vitamins if needed.

Things You Don't Think About

Does your pet have tear stains? We have products for that! How about hairballs? We carry Tomlyn Hairball Remedy for cats. And if you've got one of those pups who likes to eat stools, we even have medications to help prevent this activity.

And We Have a Pet Registry

If you don't want one of our fine puppies, we keep a pet registry of reputable breeders from the area and their offerings. Our Pet Registry includes dogs, cats and other exotics. So ask about it!

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